London baby!!!


What I wore in London!

This is one of the outfits I wore in London for when I went galavanting around the city!

It was a rainy day but that did not stop me from having fun with exploring the city and that too in style!


I wore this really easy going jumpsuit I got from a Burlington Coat in New York!

I paired it up with an oversized Zara water resistant jacket.

i love this super casual look! It was comfy and cool!

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Summer Dress!


Taking my summer looks to the next level!

I was tired of seeing the same style of dresses everywhere so I decided to make a summer dress.


This white dress was created keeping in mind that it could be used for multiple occasions and could be carried from day to evening!

Its is designed to be a summer dress that’s elegant but at the same time casual. You can dress it up with heels and a led lip or dress it down with sneakers and a cap!

This dress is at an unusual  length, it’s long but not too long and the fabrics used are net and cotton to give it that peekaboo effect! It’s a straight fit that defines the body in a good way!

It’s light, breezy and comfy!

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Flipping that thrift


I love visiting thrift stores from time to time as you never know what you might find!

This time I found a lot of amazing stuff and am so excited to share some of them with you

I love finding unique items or even simple items and flipping them into something according to my taste.


Look one

Silk blouse – $5.99

Found this real rich looking silk blouse in an off white.

I wore this top in a non traditional way. It transformed from a simple buttoned down shirt into a one shoulder party blouse.

Pair it up with a classic pair of jeans and high heels maybe some jewellery and your all set for a night out.


Look two

Frill shirt – $8.49

I loved this top mainly because of its print. It was oversized but too cute to not purchase. Since it was oversized I decided to wear it like a jacket. This is more a casual top and perfect for this summer. I can wear it with a skirt, jeans or shorts it’s a multipurpose blouse.

For this look I wore it with my red Calvin Klein sports bar to add a fun colour to the look and denim shorts.


Look three

Satin dress- 3.99

This is my most favourite find. I have been into the colour yellow lately. I have been looking for a satin yellow dress for a quite sometime now.

I got this from the intimate section so it is a little small but I can always wear it with a longer jacket or pullover. In this look I wore this fun satin dress with a denim jacket, I like this hard with soft combination in texture and colour.

I paid a lot less for these amazing finds, while thrusting guys have an open mind because you never know what you can find.

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Thigh’s the limit!


Thigh’s the limit

So this blog post is about three looks for three or maybe four different occasions with the main pieces being my thrifted purple floral print jacket dress from Toronto, Canada and my thigh high animal printed boots which I found long time ago at a boutique in Manipur, India.

So post is called thigh high because the whole idea for all these looks is to accentuate the thigh’s. The weather here in Toronto is getting less colder so I thought of doing looks suitable for this weather.

Wearing a jacket/ blazer dress can be tricky but if you dress it right there is a lot you can do with them. My looks are all about giving warm feels and fall vibes. 


The first look i tried to keep it simple, just the purple jacket/blazer dress buttoned down with my boots and my hair in a pony tail. You can add a belt if you like or a statement neckpiece or earrings. This look is more versatile and can be used for various occasions maybe a party or a fancy event or even to a club. This look can go from a day event to a night out!


The second look is a bit more on the casual side. It can be a brunch kinda look or something to wear during the day. When it’s not too hot not too cold outside this look is perfect, not to dressy and easy. I wore the jacket dress as an over coat over an oversized suede shirt from Forever21 and finished the look with my boots. 




The third look is more for when your going out for a cocktail party with your gals! You could say it’s an evening look. I wore the jacket dress buttoned down with the boots and just added this really amazing oversized black blazer I had from Forever21. This look is more on the sophisticated classy side.

Let me know what you think about these looks! 

And what I should post about next?!

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I love posting something different and new every time.

I always experiment with new styles and love to have fun with fashion. 

I don’t really have a particular style but I know I like anything that represent being effortless and trendy. 

I really never post a lot on party looks but a friend was asking for advise on clubbing outfits alot lately, so I thought why not do a blog post on that, which I call shine! 

So I came up with this look, it’s shiny but also and combination of fancy with a bit of kinky touch to it. 


I paired this lovely Zara gleaming wrap dress with a few sparkly neck pieces, an ethnic choker like necklace that I picked up while street shopping on my trip to India is my special touch. I like mixing and matching ethnic with western. I put my fav shade of red by Dior and I finished the whole look with my catwalk pumps to give it that pop of colour.


Hope you love this look. It’s fun and definitely glossy, which I was going for !

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What I wore for a Manipuri wedding


What I wore for a Manipuri wedding!

This wedding was one of a kind, specially because it was my best friends wedding!

I got to witness so many traditional ceremonies and outfits.



I arrived just in time on this day. I quickly changed into this amazing yellow lehenga. 

The used an old gold blouse that was actually a saree blouse. This full sleeve blouse went perfect with my yellow lehenga. 

I accessorized this look with a maang tikka I ordered on and wore my red Chloe sandals. 


Main day:

We started the day with the Garland ceremony where the bride makes the garland for her husband herself using jasmine buds. 

For this I wore a traditional green wrap around skirt called sarong, with a simple yellow velvet top. 

I also wore a pink chain.

I they also painted the tradition tikka on my forehead that reached right down till my nose.


Later that day was the main wedding ceremony which was so mesmerizing. It has everyone in tears. 

For this I wore a Lovely yellow shawl that is traditionally called a Phanek and a green sarong (wrap). For blouse I used a simple black crop top.

I completed this look with jumkis(earnings) and earring extensions. 

The phanek was pinned together with a lovely broach.

For footwear I wore my velvet grey mules designed by Artbyat.

I loved this experience and was so blessed to be a part of these weddings. 

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What I wore for an Indian wedding. Part one


What I wore for an Indian wedding! Part 1

I thought I should share some Indian/ethnic looks since I am in India travelling and will be attending so many Indian weddings.


Mehendi function:

I got this kurti designed with gold motifs for the function as all the bridesmaids were getting matching dupattas and had to wear an outfit around that. We had so much fun and danced so much.  This beautiful jewelry I wore was given to us by the brides mother. 


Wedding day:

It was THE day and the bride looked so so so good, elegant and radiant. Her outfits were so unique and amazingly detailed.

The functions and rituals were amazing I also made a lot of Delhi friends.

So about my outfit!


This was my most favourite ootd. I love love this lehenga my mom picked this up for me! 

She got the ready made materials from Bhuleshwar (Mumbai, India) they have amazing shops there.

I did not make the blouse with the original fabric because I wanted to mix and match so I used a long sleeve velvet saree blouse .

I wore these amazing velvet mules designed by Artbyat. If you read my previous blog you know what I am talking about. 

And I completed the look by using a Maang tikka. I can’t even describe how much I loved this look.  

I wore my pink Burberry bag with all my Indian outfits as it was comfortable and could carry all my belongings, specially my Polaroids


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Art on footwear!!


I love shoes and I wanted something unique and comfortable to wear with ethnic as well as western outfits. Mainly slides that are easy to travel with and have colours that go with all my clothes.

My friend Aradhana has an amazing online footwear collection.

Every design is so unique and amazingly detailed. I had a hard time deciding on a pair finally I chose these. I love velvet if you follow my blog you know my love for velvet and the tassel detailing caught my attention. I have already worn these for an Indian wedding with my lehenga. 

Every foot wear in her collection is a work of art in itself.



Check out Designer Aradhana Thakur’s women footwear collection:

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Fall 2k18 #fallfashion #nikkifostinastyle


Outfit description

It’s Fall here in Canada and it’s getting colder and I am not exactly a winter person but I love sweaters and layering.

For this look I paired my mom jeans with a plaid shirt and a bright yellow jacket that I don’t really remember where I got from but some place in Shillong a long time ago.

I completed this look with a nice warm pashmina shawl I got gifted from a good friend and my mauve coloured booties and off course sunglasses. You can’t see my maroon sling/backpack in this picture but if you have seen my Mexico blog post you know what I am talking about.

Mom jeans: Frank+Oak

Plaid shirt: Forever21

Booties: Urban planet

Sunglasses: Gucci

Jacket: some place in Shillong ☺️



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Tropical state of mind 💋✌🏽


I know we are heading towards Fall but I still want it to feel like summer. My outfit of the day is still inspired by summer and tropical kind of vibes and I want to keep it that way as long as possible.

When it’s comes to a summer look my favourite accessory to go to are sunglasses. 

I came across Hot Miami Shades through instagram, they have an amazing collection of sunglasses as well as clothing and other accessories. 

I got these really cool retro shades called So Miami for you, in the colour pink. I love the look it gives me tropical vibes.


Check out their website:

And last of all for all my instagram follower don’t forget to use my code: MIAMIGIRLS with this you get 20% off plus free shipping. 

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