Beach essentials 2.0


Summer is basically beach time! I love the weekends because I can spend all day relaxing at a beach.

I covered beach essential in the past but I thought I should come up with a new list that has lesser items and easy to carry.


The most important item on this list is sunscreen- I don’t need to say why!!

Second most important item is water to help me stay hydrated.

Then comes bugs spray, because born fires are fun but it’s not comfortable getting home with bites all over.

Beach sand gets ever where, it’s always important to have clean hands, hence my next item is sanitizer. The last thing on my list is wet wipes, i find it very beneficial because it helps me keep my face and neck fresh and clean every time I break a sweat or feel the summer heat.

You can always add more to your beach bag! I carry a beach towel and sunglasses or hat!

What would you carry in your beach bag?

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Botany #blogger #botanic #nature


It was super cold today and Toronto is covered with snow…so my friends and I wanted to see some greenery!

Since it’s been a while we decided to to go Allan gardens to enjoy some botanical beauty!

This place is so beautiful and of course I took some photos. 


I wore a lot of layers. I wore a warm pair of mom jeans with my oversized sweater like top, Its really warm and cozy. I layered it with my denim jacket and a winter jacket. I wore my rubber boots and accessorized it with sunglasses and fingerless gloves.



Denim pants & denim jacket- Zara

Top- Champions 

Boots- jimmy choo

Sunglasses- Chloe 

Gloves- Nordstrom 

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What to pack for a vacation !

  • I am leaving for a trip to Mexico, so excited !!! And
    I thought I should do a post of what to pack for a trip.

1. Bottoms-I pack atleast one good classic pair of denim pants, usually blue that I could pair with most of my tops, a sporty legging and a few pair of shorts.
2. Dress– it’s doesn’t necessarily have to be a LBD but since I have a wedding to attend I decided to take two dresses, a dress that’s more formal and one that’s more like a sundress.
3. Swimwear– I will be spending a lot of time in water so it’s a must to carry swimwear and since they don’t take up that much space I will be carrying all my favourite ones.
4. Tops– I like wearing light and breezy tops when I travel plus due to the weather in these places I need to carry clothes that are cotton or of any thin material. I usually pack 3-4 camisoles and 1-2 shirts depending on length of trip. I keep the colour scheme monotone so i can repeat them. I also carry a few (1-3) dressier tops just incase !
5. Heels– You need at least one good but also comfortable pair of heels, preferably black or nude.
6. Sneakers– I never go on trips without my adidas originals. Specially when I know I have to walk and or travel from place to place. Also they go with almost everything.
7. Bag pack– I love huge bags, it can fit just about anything and are so comfortable. But if you like travelling with small sling bags that’s perfect too.
8. Makeup– That basically depends on a person for example when I travel to a —– place I absolutely need my beach kit (check my earlier post to know what I am talking about ) and a few shades of lipsticks, a mascara and an eyeliner.
9. Accessories– My favourites are usually a hat, a basic black choker, some socks, a belt, couple of earrings and I always have my diamond ring and gold necklace on and we know we all love our sunglasses we have to have them !
10. Jacket– Carrying one really good jacket is usually enough, maybe something that goes with a formal and a casual look but again that depends on you. I love my denim jacket so I have to take it.

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Keep cool this summer !


To enjoy summer, hydration is key !
1. Start your day with a tall glass of water, as soon as you wake up drink water as much as you can to detoxify your body. I also add a little bit of apple cider vinegar (if I feel like it). A friend recommended it, because it helps deal with skin problems and which no doubt has helped me a lot !
2. Keep a big bottle of water with you at all times you can add either lemon or cucumber to it. It tastes fresh and keeps your system cool
3. Always keep a face and/or body mist of choice to freshen your skin. It not only hydrates your skin but brightens it and gives it a nice dewy finish and can help refresh your makeup. Rose water mist is the best for all skin type and has numerous benefits.
4. Try to wear clothes made out of light weight fabric. Lighter shades of fabric attract less heat, pure cotton fabrics would be the best option plus loose fitted outfits are trending right now.
These are a few things I do to enjoy summer
Let me know what you do to keep your self cool for summer!!!


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My new Favourites by Pure Tropix #natural #skincare #tropical


Pure Tropix products are created with amazing tropical goodness, these are some products I use on a regular bases and I love them!


  • Palm Island Body Butter

Butter up! this body butter is so amazing you have to smell it to believe it! I apply this daily after a shower, I rub it in till my body drinks up all the natural goodness it contains. It is made up of ingredients like Avocado butter, coconut oil and other essential oils which not only  helps me keep my skin hydrated but also gives it a nice dewy looking glow.

  • Honey Oil Cleanser

I begin my morning and end my day by cleansing my face with this product it has really benefitted me with preventing breakouts and completely gets all my makeup out. I was looking for a face cleanser for so long that actually helps me with my skin problems I tried so many different type of face washes because sometimes my face gets dry or sometimes really oily and this honey oil cleanser has really helped balance that. After using tissue wipes to clean up all my makeup I always use this honey oil cleanser, it takes my makeup right off.

  • Exotic Face Moisturizer

After washing my face with the honey oil cleanser I use a toner and then follow that up with this face moisturizer. I never use to apply any face cream thinking that would make my skin too oily but this face moisturizer is perfect for me. It contains ingredients that help me revitalize and repair my skin, It’s also a perfect base for some light makeup, I honestly have stopped using face primer since I started using this face moisturizer.

  • Jungle Clay Mask

This mask is my Holy Grail. You have to try it to understand how much I love it. I usually use it after a long week of work or if I had a beach day or just stressed out. I apply a nice thick layer with a brush, enjoy it’s texture and the way it tingles my face and then wash it off after about 20 mins. It leaves your skin looking Fresh and feeling soft!

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Cacti and other succulents #trends #cactus


Cactus trends

This summer has been all about the cacti family.

We all have seen cacti or other succulents inspired, printed clothing and home furnishings everywhere. Many have adopting the trend of implementing real or even fake cacti plants into their lifestyle just to add a touch of some greenery. Nowadays many fast fashion retailer’s for sure have something you could find that is Cacti themed, it could be Cactus shaped lights or pillows in the lifestyle section or cactus inspired accessories or even cactus printed t-shirts in the apparel section.

I own a few real plants of my own and have managed to keep them alive so far. I always loved aloe vera plants, mainly because of its various benefits. I like to add a bit of greenery to my aesthetic and cactus plants are the best because they don’t need constant caring.


I also own a collection of cactus pins which I bought from Forever21 and I love to wear them when I want to be minimal with my accessories.

Its the year of the Cactus!

Do you own anything Cacti or other succulent related? Leave comments down below !!

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My New York Trip!!


Took a short trip to New York with my gals!!! It was amazing, specially since I hadn’t really taken any vacation time from work or got out of Canada for over 3 years!!

The short weekend trip was amazing! Because I decided to go for this trip with a few of my girlfriends and it was the best trip ever!

We had very little time to visit all our favourite places because all we had was 3 days, but we made the most of it! Even the exhaustion made us happy !! I am glad I took this trip ! I love travelling and was happy to scratch NYC of my travelling list!

Here are some images of the places I enjoyed the most in New York!



Top of the rock ! – Rockefeller Center




Grand Central Station




Brooklyn Bridge




Ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty



Madame Tussaud’s Museum


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My life in Toronto, Canada

Proud and happy to be celebrating Canada’s 150 birthday !
I love the place, the people and the unity that comes with it. It has not been easy moving here …the struggle is real ! But the people I met, the friends I made have always supported me through all my struggles.
I miss home but what gets me going is this place and how it celebrates everything together!! The celebrations for everything and anything is always over the top!! You get a chance to meet different people from different parts of the world belonging to different cultures.
This is what makes Canada special. I live in Toronto and I love it! It’s so much fun, there is always something new to do or something new to learn. The positive attitude and open mindedness makes you feel welcomed in this wonderful city.


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I Made A Thing #DIY


I made a thing!!I am so excited to share this.

I haven’t been posting regularly because I was moving and settling up my new apartment. I had to buy so much new furniture so I decided to make some. I was so excited to make something for myself and all by myself.

I started with something small yet important …A side table!

It was super easy and super fun. Furniture is expensive and I love Ikea but I had so much to buy and didn’t really want to spend that much on just furniture. The overall price of all my items to make this table came up to $50.

Item Purchased from Michael’s.

Crate- Main Body on the Side table

Candle cups- Legs of the table

Metallic Multi Use paint – For Legs

White paint – For Crate

E6000- To glue everything

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Handmade cosmetics #lush #selftreats #myfavs



This is the first time I am using Lush Products. I heard so much about these products through my friends through social media.

I went into the nearby Lush store so many times but could never really decide what products to actually buy, I knew I needed something to treat my hair and Legs because they get really dry in this weather.

I finally bought these two products and I love them.

ROOTS is a hair masks its for revitalizing and strengthening the tips and roots(obviously!). I consists on olive oil which I am sure everyone is amazing for hair, it also contains peppermint, honey and other ingredients that help give your hair that refreshing feel.

Its easy to apply all you have to do is massage it in your roots for about 20 minutes and then rinse it off.


OCEAN SALT not only looks good but smells good too. Its a face and body scrub I use mainly to exfoliate my legs. It contains different kind of citrus fruit extracts that help brighten the skin, sea salt, avocado coconut oil that help soften the skin.


Honestly Lush Products are amazing and if you really want to treat yourself with a spa at home their products are the best! The Products are all made with natural ingredients and not animal tested.


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