Clarity Kit #bobbybrown #beautyrescuekit

Loving this clarity rescue kit


I usually have my makeup on for most parts of the day and was concerned about the side effects it would have on my skin.  I was looking for a product that’s light and effective and I came across this tiny but effective Bobby Brown kit. They have different type of products suitable for all skin types and this particular kit consist of three little remedies for my skin. 

The first bottle to the right: No91 Re-Energize is step1 – Skin reviver

The middle bottle: No75 Skin clarifier is step2 – Clear out and unclog

The left bottle: No80 Calm is for step3 – Skin relief 

I got this kit a Nordstrom, I love this little kit because I can carry it with me everywhere I go. These are available in bigger sizes and you can by them individually but if your not sure which one suits your skin best these mini kits are the best way to figure that out. 

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DIY #chanel



So the weather is down again! I was getting so bored at home, so I decided to do some DIY. I had a glass container I had got to use for my plants but never really got to it! So I decided to use it as a center piece for my table! I got some fake flowers and paper and pen and made the glass vase look like a large Chanel perfume bottle, inspiration taken from Pinterest obviously !

It looks so cute and I am also re- painting my old table can’t wait to see how that turns out!!

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