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Cactus trends

This summer has been all about the cacti family.

We all have seen cacti or other succulents inspired, printed clothing and home furnishings everywhere. Many have adopting the trend of implementing real or even fake cacti plants into their lifestyle just to add a touch of some greenery. Nowadays many fast fashion retailer’s for sure have something you could find that is Cacti themed, it could be Cactus shaped lights or pillows in the lifestyle section or cactus inspired accessories or even cactus printed t-shirts in the apparel section.

I own a few real plants of my own and have managed to keep them alive so far. I always loved aloe vera plants, mainly because of its various benefits. I like to add a bit of greenery to my aesthetic and cactus plants are the best because they don’t need constant caring.


I also own a collection of cactus pins which I bought from Forever21 and I love to wear them when I want to be minimal with my accessories.

Its the year of the Cactus!

Do you own anything Cacti or other succulent related? Leave comments down below !!

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