My new Favourites by Pure Tropix #natural #skincare #tropical


Pure Tropix products are created with amazing tropical goodness, these are some products I use on a regular bases and I love them!


  • Palm Island Body Butter

Butter up! this body butter is so amazing you have to smell it to believe it! I apply this daily after a shower, I rub it in till my body drinks up all the natural goodness it contains. It is made up of ingredients like Avocado butter, coconut oil and other essential oils which not only  helps me keep my skin hydrated but also gives it a nice dewy looking glow.

  • Honey Oil Cleanser

I begin my morning and end my day by cleansing my face with this product it has really benefitted me with preventing breakouts and completely gets all my makeup out. I was looking for a face cleanser for so long that actually helps me with my skin problems I tried so many different type of face washes because sometimes my face gets dry or sometimes really oily and this honey oil cleanser has really helped balance that. After using tissue wipes to clean up all my makeup I always use this honey oil cleanser, it takes my makeup right off.

  • Exotic Face Moisturizer

After washing my face with the honey oil cleanser I use a toner and then follow that up with this face moisturizer. I never use to apply any face cream thinking that would make my skin too oily but this face moisturizer is perfect for me. It contains ingredients that help me revitalize and repair my skin, It’s also a perfect base for some light makeup, I honestly have stopped using face primer since I started using this face moisturizer.

  • Jungle Clay Mask

This mask is my Holy Grail. You have to try it to understand how much I love it. I usually use it after a long week of work or if I had a beach day or just stressed out. I apply a nice thick layer with a brush, enjoy it’s texture and the way it tingles my face and then wash it off after about 20 mins. It leaves your skin looking Fresh and feeling soft!

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