What to pack for a vacation !

  • I am leaving for a trip to Mexico, so excited !!! And
    I thought I should do a post of what to pack for a trip.

1. Bottoms-I pack atleast one good classic pair of denim pants, usually blue that I could pair with most of my tops, a sporty legging and a few pair of shorts.
2. Dress– it’s doesn’t necessarily have to be a LBD but since I have a wedding to attend I decided to take two dresses, a dress that’s more formal and one that’s more like a sundress.
3. Swimwear– I will be spending a lot of time in water so it’s a must to carry swimwear and since they don’t take up that much space I will be carrying all my favourite ones.
4. Tops– I like wearing light and breezy tops when I travel plus due to the weather in these places I need to carry clothes that are cotton or of any thin material. I usually pack 3-4 camisoles and 1-2 shirts depending on length of trip. I keep the colour scheme monotone so i can repeat them. I also carry a few (1-3) dressier tops just incase !
5. Heels– You need at least one good but also comfortable pair of heels, preferably black or nude.
6. Sneakers– I never go on trips without my adidas originals. Specially when I know I have to walk and or travel from place to place. Also they go with almost everything.
7. Bag pack– I love huge bags, it can fit just about anything and are so comfortable. But if you like travelling with small sling bags that’s perfect too.
8. Makeup– That basically depends on a person for example when I travel to a —– place I absolutely need my beach kit (check my earlier post to know what I am talking about ) and a few shades of lipsticks, a mascara and an eyeliner.
9. Accessories– My favourites are usually a hat, a basic black choker, some socks, a belt, couple of earrings and I always have my diamond ring and gold necklace on and we know we all love our sunglasses we have to have them !
10. Jacket– Carrying one really good jacket is usually enough, maybe something that goes with a formal and a casual look but again that depends on you. I love my denim jacket so I have to take it.

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  1. I’m so glad I found your post about what to pack! Exactly what i needed and so helpful! I will be using it to pack for my upcoming trips 😊❤

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